The Bravado

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I was honored to be asked to assist judge Hip Hop 411‘s 2019 Battle Rap year in review. The awards spanned various categories such “Battle Rapper Of The Year”, “Best New Comer” and “Best Verse / Scheme”.  It was a great year for battle rap. Congratulations to all the winners with a special shout out to Battler Of The Year “No Peace“. And a huge shout out to Hip Hop 411 and Kriss Anti B for continuing to grow the culture. Also a shoutout to for the write up.

The awards were adjudicated by 50% fan votes and 50% by a select group of judges. They selected adjudicators “with a high battle rap I.Q and they possess an extensive knowledge of the battle rap culture not only locally but globally as well.” Time Xone, Mdu Sibanyoni, Boy Wonder and Denis Bops were the individuals bestowed with judging responsibilities. A vote from a Hip Hop 411 TV staff member would be roped in if one category was tied, but that never occurred.